John Gish
General Contractor 
Heritage Builders 

John Gish has a real love for fine craftsmanship. As a contractor, he takes pride in building and rebuilding homes incorporating fine detail and architectural amenities that make a difference in the way you live. Since 1988, John has been building and restoring fine homes and commercial projects in California and Oregon that reflect his love of the woodworking crafts with a focus on artisanal staircases, furniture, and wood detailing that are his signature as a builder and contractor.

John takes an individual, hands-on approach to each project, integrating the plans and concepts for a home into a cohesive result, making sure that the work is done masterfully and employing cost-effective building techniques that support the total vision for the look of the project's design. He enjoys teaming with architects and designers to bring out the best in a project, with superior design and aesthetics in contemporary and traditional styles of building. John's greatest pleasure comes from having a happy homeowner who can be proud of their home.

John's education in furniture making and fine woodworking merges with his passion for finding the best and most beautiful building solutions in a fine home. His talent for complex, detailed hand finishing adds the art to a project, superior design merged with fine construction technique and quality finishing result in beautiful homes. Green building methods, strategies, and skills, reclaimed lumber, energy efficiency are integral in his projects, they play an important role in the future of fine homebuilding and commercial construction as John sees it.

"John is a true master at interpreting drawings, specs and plans, bringing my design concepts to life.
He knows how to work with his team in a way that adds to the aesthetics, craftsmanship, and details."    
Conrad Sanchez | Designer